About Arizona Seller Financing

Arizona Seller Financing is enabling buyers who cannot qualify for traditional bank financing (or don't want to pay the high costs of obtaining bank financing) with the ability to own a home IMMEDIATELY.  Many of our available seller financing homes require only a 10% down payment. With a as little as 10% down payment you may be eligible to buy ANY home for sale in the MLS using our U-pick program. View our down payment table to see your down payment and interest rate options for the U-pick program.

A win-win philosophy

Seller financing is great for buyers who cannot currently qualify for traditional bank financing.  It is also good for sellers who understand that if they are flexible in the way they sell they will get a little more for their home.  This site provides seller financed properties to buyers who cannot currently qualify for traditional bank financing.  Both buyer and seller are treated fairly: Win-win as they say.

So, when you decide that you'd like to further investigate buying or selling a home with seller financing in the Phoenix area, please contact us.

The Arizona Seller Financing Philosophy

At Arizona Seller Financing we realize not everybody can qualify for a mortgage. We understand that with today's tougher lending guidelines many good hard-working people who want to buy homes just can’t qualify for traditional bank financing. That is why the founders have established companies such as Arizona Rent to Own and Arizona Seller Financing. These companies are designed to help those who cannot fit into the ever-shrinking box of traditional bank financing. A key to the success of these companies is our insistence that every customer be treated fairly and that the base of each company's focus always remain on giving customers a fair start in home ownership when no other option for ownership is possible. These philosophies have allowed our companies to help hundreds of families realize the dream of home ownership.



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