Conventional Loans

  •  Loans offering traditional financing to borrowers with 620+ credit
  •  Loans available with minimal down payment requirements

FHA and VA Loans

Easy to qualify loans if credit has been good for the past 12 months

  •  580+ credit score = 3.5% down payment
  •  500-579 credit score = 10% down payment
  •  VA loans = 0 down payment (must be a veteran)

Bank Statement Loans

  • Use deposits made into your bank account as income instead of tax returns

Seller Financing Program

Hard Money

  • Get a mortgage based solely on the equity in the property (20-30% down payment)

Investor Loans

  • Traditional investor loans with 20% down payment
  • Investor loans based ONLY on the cash flow of the property - no income verified
  • Private money loans
  • Investor partnership opportunities with U-pick seller financing program


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